3 3 unblocked is the latest mobile and browser-based craze on the internet at the moment. As such, there are a lot of players fighting to be at the top of the leaderboard. A lot of them have plenty of experience from past games so it’s important to know how to not get eliminated too quickly and defeat them in the long run.

At the start, it’s important to stay as close to your home location as possible. In 3, you can’t see where other players are at the start of the game so it’s important to focus on expanding your area little by little until you start seeing where they are.

Make sure you capture small areas at a time to be safe. You will feel tempted to make a broad stroke to scope out the competition but that means your return will be slow. Timing is everything in 3 and when the opponent’s location is unknown, then you’re more likely to get your trail cut.

When you finally have a good chunk of space to your name, you can start to take a few risks. One of the best ways to get yourself some kills in 3 is to bait your opponents. Create a long spike and once you see another player, move out just a little bit and duck back down into your area. If they take the bait and overextend, you can move in for the kill.